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Spring 2020 days of play

Scheduled independently over the
weekends or evenings
  55 & over teams
Saturday afternoon   40 & over teams
Sunday afternoon   18 & over teams





Be sure to stay in touch with the SC Tennis Association. And, don't forget the 2020 championship dates.

Need captain info? Use this guide.

Some of the team captains are having a difficult time getting contact info to coordinate match information with opposing captains. Here's a quick tutorial that might help.

Step 1
Log in to

Step 2
Find your team, and click on the team name

Step 3
Use the tabbed navigation in the page to find the Captain's Report. Click on that tab


Step 4
Scroll down the page to find the contact information for the captains and co-captains of each time. There are email addresses and phone numbers for each person. Do not assume that the phone number is a mobile number. Don't be afraid to use the phone. League tennis works when captains communicate with each other.